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I have some experience working with 3D software. I mainly work in Blender, but I also know how to use Maya. For texturing I use Substance Painter and Photoshop. I'm really interested in applying 2D principles to 3D space, exploring weird art styles and pushing the graphic appeal of 3D objects. I love experimenting with wacky proportions and hand drawn textures. I'm fairly new to 3D and I do still have a lot to learn when it comes to topology, efficiency and optimization for games, but I know the basics and I am excited to keep learning!

Robber Kitchen

3D kitchen environment for the secret hideout of the Shenanigang: a group of organized robbers

Here's the deal: Steal!

3D animation of the leader of the Shenanigang: Simon. This was my first time modeling and animating a character. The animation was made using blender. The final video with post processing effects and different camera angles was made using Unity.

Ni No Kuni character design

A Mousekind sorcerer I designed to fit the world of Ni No Kuni.

Sketchfab final model

Very Agent props

Art style experiments for Very Agent, a multi-player heist game I'm working on. I made a gadget arm and a robot companion for the guard team and textured them. I also experimented with VFX for the little robot. I made a shader using ShaderGraph that allows me to animate it in the inspector and make a variation of face animations using only 1 texture for all of them.

Totally Spies grappling hook gun

I designed a prop inspired by the Totally Spies animated series. This hair dryer grappling hook gun will save you from your enemies and your bad hair day. The prop was modelled using Maya and all the textures are done using photoshop.