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I'm working on a project management and notetaking tool together with my friend Alex Maat. We collaborate on a lot of game projects together and we kept getting frustrated with every project management tool we tried. That's why we decided to build one ourselves.

Clapnode functions as an external brain and a hivemind for your team. It's very flexible, making it easy to adapt your structure to your teams current needs. You can make to do's and pipelines and link them to your design documents, this way you can easily acces all the information you need to start working on your tasks. The tool should feel like you're looking through someone's brain and can trace their thoughts, this way all team members can easily understand each others thought process and design decisions.


Our design process includes a lot of sticky notes and scribbles. We started from a google slides prototype and iterated from there.


Alex Maat: Design, Programming, Animations

Me: Design, Graphic Design

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