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An applied game commissioned by Viktor Wijnen, the director of HKU (art school, Utrecht). We were assigned to make a game for new students to play in their introduction week. The game should teach them about the values and rules at HKU. We made a hybrid murder mystery game. The students have to split up and explore the real life school location as well as our digital version to unravel the mystery. They keep in touch by talking through walkie talkies.

I was art lead on this project, so at the beginning of the project I spent a lot of time doing brainstorms with the art team, making collaborative moodboards and coming up with a style that worked for our narrative. I did some concept art (put some filters on a picture of our school building and doodled an animal pun character of our director) to get the idea across and we based the look of our game on that. Later in the project I focused on creating UI to tie everything together.

I also did the technical stuff on this project, like coding and putting all the art together in the game engine (Unity).


Backgrounds by Katharina de Brito Figueiredo, Character art by Femke Tonnis


Femke Tonnis: Character Art, Game Design

Katharina de Brito Figueiredo: Background art, Game Design

Karlijn Snijders: Story, Game Design

Me: Art Direction, Programming, UI Art and Design, Game Design

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