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A point-and-click puzzle adventure game I made with two friends for a high school project. This was the first time I worked on a game. It's about a little boy, Simon, getting lost in his fantasies We spent about 300 hours working on it, in this time we made a playable demo, posters, a trailer and a small art book.


Concept work and sketches

To keep the style for the backgrounds consistent, but still divide the workload we established a pipeline for the backgrounds. Daniëlle (the other artist on our team) would do a rough sketch to block out the scene, after that I would do a second pass and refine the sketch, sometimes changing the composition a bit or adding points of interest. Daniëlle would then do a rough block-out of the colors for the scene and I would then, again, go over it and refine, add line-art and finish up. I also had to make sure the layers were clean and organized, so the backgrounds would work well with a parallax effect.

Promotional art



Alex Maat: Programming

Daniëlle Maat: Game Design, Story, Concept Art, Backgrounds, Animation

Me: Game Design, Story, Concept Art, Backgrounds, User Interface

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