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The Cult Game

The Cult Game is a roleplay drinking game in which you start a cult with your friends while taking shots and completing dubious rituals. I worked on this game for a school assignment with a team of 6 people. We had 8 weeks to come up with a concept and make a game. The project was a lot of fun and I learned a lot about implementing art and UI in unity, the unity animation system and working with git. I worked on art direction, concept art, art implementation, character art and UI.

Intro Storyboard

Color Exploration

Character Concept Art



Stephan Holding: Game Design, Development

Benito van der Zanden: Game Design, Concept Art, Character Animations, VFX

Ronan Stam: Game Design, 3D Environment Art

Natalia Skrzypiec: Game Design, Concept Art, Tarot Card Art

Oscar: Music

Me: Game Design, Art Direction, Concept Art, Character Art, Art Implementation, UI

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