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Cave Raiders

Cave Raiders is a hybrid game that mixes VR with real life elements. Two players work together to find the pirate treasure in an expansive cave system. One player walks through the cave in VR, the second player has a ripped map. The players have to communicate to fix the map and find the treasure.


We worked on the game with a team of 5 people for 8 weeks for a school assignment at HKU. The assignment was to make a game based on an experience we had on our school trip. During our trip we went on a tour through the Mergelgrotten, a cave system located in Limburg. I worked on art direction, 3D modeling and building the environment.

Trailer made by Stephan Holding

A big part of my role on this project was to guide the art direction and make sure all the artists were on the same page while creating assets. I organized collaborative brainstorm sessions and put a style guide together based on our ideas.

(Bridge illustration and gem 3D models by Tim van den Berg, bridge, minecart and rail 3D models by me)

These are some lighting tests I did. It was really fun to play around with colored lights in a pitch black environment.

I built the cave system and did the lighting for it in a week. I worked on top of the layout made by our designer Emily van der Schaaf. I used the assets at my disposal and arranged them in different ways to make a great variety of cave rooms. 

Assets by: Tim van den Berg, Tessa Behrens, POLYGON pirate pack and me


Stephan Holding: Game Development

Emily van der Schaaf: Game Design

Tim van den Berg: 3D Modeling, Concept Art

Tessa Behrens: 3D Modeling, Real Life Decoration

Me: 3D Modeling, Environment and Lighting

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