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I'm currently working on Very Agent with a bunch of friends. It's an asymmetric multi-player heist game with a cartoon and comic inspired art style and narrative. Two teams face off against each other: the robbers have to steal the treasure and avoid getting caught by the guards. We do the game design together with the whole team and it's a lot of fun! I'm also doing the art direction for this game. Through working on this project I have learned A LOT about game design, research, art direction and team dynamics.

Environment concept art

I'm currently trying to improve my environment/level design skills. I'm learning about different design processes, like making bubble diagrams for the map layout, flowcharts for the flow of the level and doing rough blockouts to test ideas. I'm applying the things I learn to a map for our game.  I'm also considering feedback from previous playtests, to improve upon what we tried before.